Meet The Qixels


The silent attacker! He enters, attacks and disappears in seconds. His opponents never know what’s hit them. 

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Ready to fright with a pointy bite! This dude is one sharp looking shark who’s ready to attack!

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Hammerhead Shark

Watch out! This shark is about to attack! But don’t worry about his bite; it’s his head you need to fear. He loves to give his enemies a real hammering!

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This dude is one ugly Orc! The only thing worse than its looks is its smell! Build him if you dare! 

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The switch on this Robot has two modes: Crush and Destroy! It is programmed to follow its maker’s commands and protect them at all costs. 

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Wing Monster

From beyond the darkest cloud, it soars down striking fear into those who see it! Run for cover the Wing Monster is looking for lunch!

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His name is Wildfire! The most powerful dragon of the pack! With speed and agility he flies through the mountains protecting his den from attack.

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Bravery is his middle name. Dragon slaying is his game! He eats dragons for breakfast. But who is this mysterious Knight? Nobody knows!

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The sharpest sharp shooter in the land! Splitting arrows with arrows is his favorite pastime! If you are in his sight, you’re in big trouble!

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This guy’s magic is the most powerful in the land! Make sure he’s on your side or you could end up turning into something very horrid!

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Big Eye Monster

He may be smiling but that’s only because he can see something to eat! Look Out! He’s got his eye on you!

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Blob Monster

Out of its way! Blob monster is about to cover you! Once he goes over you… It’s over! Time to slime!

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Eyeball Monster

This guy hates being called “Five eyes!” Never have a staring competition with him ‘cause he’ll beat you and then eat you!

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Tentacle Monster

With one eye on his prey, he squirms quietly until he swiftly wraps his sticky tentacles around his dinner! He’s a sucker for punishment!

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With his blade of honor, he fights to the end! He will defend what he believes in no matter what!

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He moves like a tank and stops for no one! When Sumo strikes nothing is left standing!

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Karate Dude

He’s a “Knock Out Black Belt” and number one Dude in the Dojo! He can take on ten attackers at a time and always be the last man standing!

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This warrior from the north is ready for battle. Watch out for his head butt. It could have nasty results!

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This guy is one “Clawsome” dude! Be carful how you handle him. He doesn’t mean to harm you. It’s just a sting thing! 

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Space Fighter

Build your own Space fleet and battle for the Stars! It’s time to defend the Galaxy!

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T-Rex Bones

This pre-historic monster is “Bad to the Bone” but he would like to have you over for dinner! 

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Monster Bones

He makes his enemies jump out of their skin! This three-eyed bonehead is one ugly skeleton!

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Cyclops Bones

He’s a one-eye guy who likes to stare and scare, and a super fast fighter. Don’t blink or he’ll get you!

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Axe Skeleton

Using his Attack Axe he cuts straight to the bone! He has many enemies on his “Chopping List”!

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Sword Skeleton

He calls his sword “The Bone Breaker!” He’s a master bone carver and a cut above the rest!

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Axe Warrior

With a single blow of his axe he can cut down the tallest tree in the forest! Imagine what he can do to his enemies! 

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Jousting Knight

This brave Knight Rider has never been knocked from his stallion. Pity the opponent who’s at the end of his jousting stick!

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Sword Warrior

He is the Lord of the Sword! With his swift blade he can strike down any attacker that is mad enough to fight him!

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“Release the Lions!” This Gladiator is ready to take on any wild man or wild animal! Only one winner will leave the arena!

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Slip on the wetsuit and strap on your mask. Time to get deep and dangerous. Are you ready to sink or swim?

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Fish Bones

Reel in one of these fish and there won’t be much for diner. Looks like the shark has beaten you too it!

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Make sure you count your fingers after you’ve made him! You don’t want to end up being ‘Fish Food”!

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